About Us

Food Studio has a vision to expand Sri Lanka’s food culture.

The goal is to redefine Sri Lanka’s gastronomic experiences by breaking free of what we know as a standard food court with the help of our unique vision: a feast for the eyes, irresistible aromas, inspiring taste, and unbeatable company.

Each location, strategically placed at key retail hubs, is in tandem with global standards, featuring the entire spectrum of favourites from hawker fare to fine dining. With dishes by growing local brands alongside highly coveted international names, Food Studio is where masterpieces in the business of food happen

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Feature Events

The Ultimate Monopoly Deal Challenge

Monopoly is a game that has been in the center of quarrels between friends for a long time! This is your time to put your Monopoly Deal skills to the test & to once and for all settle the debate on who the ultimate Monopoly Deal Player is!

Spicy Mala Challenge

To celebrate World Hot & Spicy Day, we are calling out all the spice fanatics to take part in the Spicy Mala Challenge! You think you can handle the heat of the Spicy Mala Hotpot? Get in touch with us via our social channels to book your spot!

Marvel Quiz

Avengers Assemble!
The time has come to assemble your squad to take on the ultimate test of Marvel knowledge! The quiz will test your knowledge of the Infinity Saga with questions spanning across all 23 movies!